The Handmade Hoarder


The Handmade Hoarder features a collection of small, handmade items that she has amassed through the years. They carry with them happy memories of her childhood and the loved ones from which she has received these treasures. She hopes that by providing a window into her life full of ordinary objects with extraodinary meanings, visitors will be encouraged to stop thinking of happiness as something that needs to be sought for and discovered, and instead learn to see it in even the most ordinary of things that surround them.


This is a toy plane made out of a coca cola can. My uncle gifted me this on one of our montly trips to the beach when the summer festival was in town. To this day it reminds me of how much I loved the sea.

This is a piece of embroidery made by my sister, it was the first time she had attempted it and gave it to me to hang on my wall. Now she greatly enjoys embroidery and can often be found creating something in her free time.

This is an assortment of seashells and handmade seashell animals I have amassed on trips to Thailand and Malaysia with my family. My mother and me have a unexplainable love for them.

These are a few pairs of socks that my grandmother has knitted me, everytime I forgo wearing I can almost hear her voice scolding me for not wearing when I was younger. Knowing that she will always try to care for me is a nice sentiment.

This is a fraction of the 500 paper cranes I was gifted by my classmates as a parting gift when my student exchange in Japan ended. While it is one of my most treasured gifts, I had quite an ordeal trying to fit into my suitcase.

These are two bags I made by hand for my sister as a gift for her 12th birthday, as she loves photography and dogs. This was also the first time I tried my hand at sewing.

These are a pair of handmade kitted turtles I was gifted on a cruise in Queensland. That was the first time I had ever been on a boat, as well as the first time I discovered I am easily seasick.

These are some little handmade hearts made by my sister, they were gifted to me when she first started learning how to sew. Much to her delight I have now collected so many I use them as Christmas tree ornaments.

Meet the hoarder

Name: Rachel

Age: 19

Likes: Handmade items and seashell novelties

Dislikes: Boat rides

Where to view the collection: 321 Chester Street